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Flexible, easy-to-follow Plan

The Switch Lifestyle Diet Plan comes as your very own easy-to-read Handbook including the basic diet principles, recipes and hints and tips posted straight to your door. The Plan also includes a number of other free resources such as the Switch Lifestyle Weight-Loss Tracker and the Switch Lifestyle Menu Planner template to support you along your weight-loss journey. Another free key resource is direct access to the founder of the Switch Lifestyle Diet Plan should you have any questions or queries.


No processed foods or refined carbohydrates

The Diet Plan is based on eating real foods – most of which you would find in your kitchen right now. You won’t find any fake foods in this Diet Plan. Shakes, food replacement meals and pills are not what we do. Just good old fashioned food. The Switch Diet Plan shows you what to eat, how to eat it and when to eat in order to optimise weight loss.


Rapid weight-loss

Although Switch is a diet lifestyle, it also delivers rapid results so it is still perfect for that looming occasion that you want to look good for. Typically, people lose around a stone in their first month along with noticeable inch-loss reporting that they can now get back into clothing that they recently couldn’t fit into. You will find that whilst your weight is plummeting, your energy and confidence levels will be soaring!


Reason #1

No monthly membership fee

You don't need to pay a monthly fee to access the Switch Lifestyle Diet Plan. We just want you to get started quickly without worrying about a long-term financial commitment. You can then concentrate on your weight-loss journey with no strings attached.


Reason #2

No calorie counting

Our motto is "When you eat right, you no longer need to count calories". And we certainly do not at Switch! So you can throw out those scales and calorie counting booklets and free yourself from that way of life. The Switch Diet Plan will show you how to eat and when to eat to optimise your weight-loss.


Reason #3

No shakes, food sachets or pills

You won't find any fake foods on this Diet Plan. Just plain old food - most of which you would find in your kitchen right now. Switch teaches you what to eat, how to eat and when to eat in order to optimise your weight loss.


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