Look at what these women have to say about their first 30 days on the Switch Lifestyle Diet Plan!


Sheila's story

Six weeks into the Plan and I have lost 12lbs. In the first week of the Plan, I lost 7 and a half pounds which surprised me as I’m menopausal and have been struggling with my weight for a good few years. I’ve been on so many diets – Herbal Life, Slimming World, Slimfast – I’ve tried most diets out there; but with all of them the weight has never stayed off for long. With the Switch Lifestyle Diet Plan I’ve changed the way I eat it’s must more sustainable. I don’t actually feel like I’m on a diet. it is what it says on the tin – Switch Lifestyle. I have completely changed the way I now eat and I I enjoy the food I’m eating. My clothes feel a lot more comfortable and I am happy with the changes I’ve made. My goal is to lose two stones and I feel I’m on the right path and it’s achievable.

Bev's story

Patsy, just wanted to thank you for making such a difference to my way of thinking about food.  Having studied the Switch Lifestyle Diet Plan, I realised I could eat food I enjoy but realistically, I had to cut out certain foods. My main concern from the outset was looking through the Handbook to find there was no bread, potatoes or wheat and I thought – will I be able to survive without these foods that I enjoy so much? But I gave them up from day one and can quite honestly say I do not miss them and in all honesty, I feel better without the bread. I would seriously advise anyone to give this Diet Plan a try. I have lost a stone in just over four weeks and would have lost it sooner but had a birthday and went off plan. I really am enjoying my new way of eating. The lovely comments I have had about my weight loss and fitting better in clothes in fabulous.  I still have a way to go but am so motivated by the compliments that I know I will be carrying on this lifestyle for the rest of my days to stay healthier and to finally keep my weight under control. Thanks Patsy for always providing some really good advice to keep me on track.


Maz's story

“Before I saw it coming, my weight had increased and I thought because of my age, it was here to stay. Starting the Switch Lifestyle Plan has not only helped me to lose weight, I have revived energy levels! My total weight loss of 12lbs in the first month really took me aback. I couldn’t tell you the last time I lost this much weight on a diet. For me it’s a win-win all the way. A new way of thinking about food and a new me! I’m so thrilled with the results I’m so motivated to keep going. And I’ve met some great people along the way. My advice would be – don’t over-think it – just do it!”



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