Firstly, let me tell you what you WON’T get with Switch:

  • No monthly membership fee
  • No additional charges in the form of shakes, meal replacements or pills
  • No calorie counting
  • No embarrassing weigh-ins
  • No having to find the time to attend weekly club meetings
  • No gym membership or exercise regime required

So, who is Switch for…?

  • This Diet Plan is designed for women who want to create their bodies through the food they eat
  • Women who have decided to put their health first
  • Women who are done with mocking themselves and are now ready to acknowledge that this is the only body they will ever have and it’s time to treat it right
  • Intelligent women who are confused by all the conflicting nutritional advice out there leaving them not knowing which way to go to make healthier food choices
  • Women who know they are approaching that crucial age where they now need to make a choice between eating for today or taking control of their health on their own terms
OK, so what IS Switch and how does it work…?

The Switch Lifestyle Diet Plan is a combination of diets that all work well individually such as 5:2, food combining, clean eating, etc. It concentrates on health and eating real food – most of which you will find in your kitchen right now. You won’t find any fake foods in this Diet Plan. Shakes, food replacement meals and pills are not what we do. Just good old fashioned food which has been put together in such a way that the body doesn’t get chance to ever get too used to the way you are eating and therefore become sluggish. The Diet Plan makes a switch on a weekly basis which forces the body to respond with weight loss.

The Switch Lifestyle Diet Plan is a 4-week programme that is simply repeated until your goal weight loss is achieved.

Now, for those of you who might get bored of the 4-week rotation, the Diet Plan gives you the basic diet principles so that you can start creating your own meals going forward if you would prefer. A free Menu Planner is provided where you can create your own meals, email this to me and I will let you know whether you are on the right track or not so that you’re not unknowingly un-doing all of your hard work.

A big bonus of the Diet Plan is the lifetime access to the Switch Lifestyle Diet Plan private Facebook group. Only people following the Diet Plan can get access to this group and it is a place where you will receive support from me and others following the Plan. Members can post pictures of meals they have created, swap cooking methods, encourage, inspire and support each other. It’s such a lovely atmosphere and an awesome community! I love my Switchers!!

The Diet Plan Handbook is delivered via Royal Mail post directly to your home and access to the private Facebook group is granted as soon as you purchase the Handbook. Once you understand the basic principles of the Diet (which are outlined in the Handbook), eating out isn’t an issue and doesn’t have to mean falling off the waggon.

This is what you get:

  • Your very own easy-to-read Switch Lifestyle Diet Plan Handbook including the basic diet principles, recipes and hints and tips
  • Lifetime access to the Switch Lifestyle Diet Plan private Facebook group so you never have to feel alone on your weight-loss journey
  • Direct access to me, Patsy Hanson, the founder and creator of the Diet Plan just in case you have any questions or queries
  • Free Weight and Inch Loss Tracker
  • Free Menu Planner Template to help you plan your own meals and make sure you stay on track

The Switch Lifestyle way of eating will become second nature to you and you will find yourself making the right food choices very early on in your weight-loss journey because you understand the basic diet principles. It isn’t hard, difficult or dull. It’s a celebration of good food eaten in the right way and at the right time resulting in weight-loss that could quite possibly have life-changing results for you.

This is the very same eating plan I’ve been using for over 13 years now and I have maintained my weight over this time and that includes the time after having my baby girl back in 2012.

“It’s amazing how quickly this way of eating just becomes a way of life” – Bev Freeman
This Diet Plan is different. It’s about health. I always say to members, keep your eye on your health and the weight loss will be a happy by-product. As long as you are following the Diet Plan exactly as instructed or creating your own meals using the basic principles outlined in the Diet Plan, you WILL lose weight and I am living proof that you will keep it off too.

Just imagine – no more yo-yo dieting, no more feeling uncomfortable in your clothes, no more imagining what your life could be like if you were slim.

It works! Because when you eat right, you no longer have to count calories.

The Switch Lifestyle Diet Plan is for YOU!

Join the movement. Start the very last weight-loss journey you will ever embark upon – TODAY!

Switch Lifestyle and Lose Weight NOW!

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