No shakes, food satchets or pills

Because Switch Lifestyle is all about re-acquainting yourself with REAL food, we don’t entertain ‘foods’ that do not present in their natural form. Switch eliminates processed foods and refined carbohydrates from your diet. These foods are not only fake but due to the high salt and sugar content, they act like a sponge for water in your body. The moment you eliminate these fake foods from your diet, your body weight will start to shift and continue to do so until it normalises.

Learn to make good food choices

You cannot run from food. It is around us everyday. What you need to do is learn to comfortably co-exist around food and make good food choices. This comes with good food knowledge and Switch Lifestyle teaches you that. It is so easy to be confused by all the conflicting information out there about what foods we should and shouldn’t eat. Think avocado, garlic infused olive oil, honey, coconut oil and xxxx – you can eat all of these in abundance. Why? Because they are REAL foods. You need no more permission than that! At Switch, we keep it simple so that at any given moment, when you are presented with a choice, you know exactly what to do and why.

Why people are choosing to Switch


Eliminate processed foods

Learn how to recognise processed foods for what they are – fake food. They have been tampered with and altered from their natural state (if they ever had one) and therefore have no business in your body. Eliminating these foods is the first step towards a healthier and slimmer you.


Eradicate refined carbs

Not all carbohydrates are bad – just the refined ones. Learn to instantly recognise and avoid refined carbs and stop relying on them as a quick source of energy.


Get re-acquainted with REAL food

Eat better than ever on the Switch Diet Plan! Nothing tastes better than REAL food cooked and prepared healthily. No more salt and sugar ladened packet foods or ‘healthy’ tray meals containing dangerous trans fats. The Switch Diet Plan will re-train your palette to enjoy food the way it is supposed to be eaten.


Unlearn bad eating habits

Negative eating habits and bad food knowledge are developed over time. Switch helps you to learn the truth about food and then supports you to act upon your new-found knowledge resulting in steady and consistent weight-loss.


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