No calorie-counting

It’s true! At Switch, we don’t entertain calories. We concentrate on eating foods that our bodies were designed to eat and therefore can easily digest. This means more health and vitality and less sluggishness, bloating and fatigue. Our focus is on recognisable foods. Foods that don’t look much dissimilar to when they roamed the land, swam in the sea, grew underground or on a tree. Nothing more, nothing less. When you keep it simple your body thanks you for it!

Health and weight-loss hand-in-hand

You can eat bountifully on the Switch Diet Plan and quite often on foods that are regarded as highly calorific. Switch is about putting your health first. Weight loss is a happy (and assured) by-product. Calorie counting will have you consume a tube of Pringles rather than a healthy and plentiful meal such as the Switch classic Crayfish Super Salad with Sweet Potato Wedges because it contains less calories. But eating crisps everyday is doing nothing for your health whereas the crayfish meal serves and feeds your body. Switch moves you away from calorie-counting so that you start to look at food as nourishment and have the confidence to turn away from those foods that don’t.

Why people are choosing to Switch

No embarassing weekly weigh-ins

No more rushing to club meetings to sit with people you don’t know just to be told that you’ve only lost half a pound. No-one will know your weight except for you.


Easy to follow

Because there are no calories, syns or points to count, life just got easier with the Switch Diet Plan! You don’t need to think about it, weigh it or measure it – just follow the Plan exactly as stated and you’re on your way to consistent weight-loss and good health.


No weekly club meetings

We all lead busy lives and physical meetings aren’t always convenient (or even your cup of tea). Access your support on the go and ask questions online via the private Facebook group.


No gym membership required

We all know that a combination of healthy eating and increased activity leads to weight loss. However, you can still lose weight using the Switch Diet Plan without an exercise regime and you certainly don’t need gym membership to succeed on this Plan.


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