Switch Lifestyle Diet Plan

Lose weight….

Feel great!

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Switch Lifestyle Diet Plan

Lose weight…feel great!

Questions?Learn More

Find out why people are choosing to Switch

Reason #1

No monthly membership fee

You don’t need to pay a monthly fee to access the Switch Lifestyle Diet Plan. We just want you to get started quickly without worrying about a long-term financial commitment. You can then concentrate on your weight-loss journey with no strings attached.

Reason #2

No calorie counting

Our motto is “When you eat right, you no longer need to count calories”. And we certainly do not at Switch! So you can throw out those scales and calorie counting booklets and free yourself from that way of life. The Switch Diet Plan will show you how to eat and when to eat to optimise your weight-loss.

Reason #3

No shakes, food sachets or pills

You won’t find any fake foods on this Diet Plan. Just plain old food – most of which you would find in your kitchen right now. Switch teaches you what to eat, how to eat and when to eat in order to optimise your weight loss.


“I couldn’t believe how much I lost in the first month and it wasn’t hard. I feel like I could eat like this forever!” Bev Freeman

Lost 1 stone in 30 days

“I didn’t really believe that Switch would work for me because I had tried numerous diets over the years and pretty much given up hope but it has been amazing! I feel like a new woman!” Sheila Howell

Lost 12 pounds in a month

“Patsy’s support has been great! She has worked with me to find alternatives for foods I didn’t like and the results have been off the chains!” Maz Hunkins

Lost 12lbs in 30 days

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